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How to enforce a tribunal award

How To Enforce A Tribunal Award – High Court Advice

Looking for advice on how to enforce a tribunal award? You have come to the right place!

Overall, tribunal awards play a vital role in providing a structured and impartial means of resolving disputes outside of traditional court proceedings.

This makes them an essential part of alternative dispute-resolution mechanisms.

According to the latest statistics, single claims increased by 6% compared to Q2 2021/2022.

As the leading provider of Tribunal Enforcement in the UK, DCBL’s High Court Enforcement Agents are on your side.

If you possess an award or settlement that is within a six-year timeframe, you can enforce it through DCBL.

What is a Tribunal Award?

A tribunal award is a legally binding decision or judgment issued by a tribunal to resolve a dispute between parties.

Tribunals are quasi-legal entities that handle specific types of cases, such as employment, tax, or international arbitration tribunals.

In these proceedings, the tribunal considers the evidence and arguments presented by the parties involved and issues a decision on the matter.

The decision, referred to as a “tribunal award,” outlines the tribunal’s findings, conclusions, and any remedies or obligations that the parties must fulfill as a result of the decision.

Tribunal awards can cover a wide range of disputes, including but not limited to:

  • Employment disputes, such as unfair dismissal, discrimination, or wage-related issues.
  • Tax-related matters, including disputes between taxpayers and tax authorities.
  • International commercial disputes, where businesses or individuals from different countries seek resolution through international arbitration tribunals.
  • Administrative and regulatory issues, like planning permission disputes or social security benefit appeals.

The binding nature of a tribunal award means that the parties involved are legally obligated to adhere to its terms.

If one party fails to comply voluntarily with the award, the other party may need to take legal action to enforce it, as discussed in the previous article.

To assist those who have been awarded compensation at an Employment Tribunal but the employer wont pay, the Courts introduced a fast track system in 2009. This allowed High Court Agents to act on your behalf to collect the money.

DCBL Act on Your Behalf

Having to go through an Employment Tribunal can be very stressful. Even with a judgment in your favour, your employer may not be willing to pay what they owe you.

In these cases, you can instruct High Court Enforcement Officers to enforce an employment tribunal award for you. After all, enforcing payment following a successful tribunals decision is one of our specialities.

We can obtain a High Court Writ of Control for enforcement for just a £78 court fee, which we add to the amount that we recover from the employer.

If your employer doesn’t pay within 7 working days of receiving our Notice of Enforcement, our High Court Enforcement Agents will be authorised by the court to make visits and seize assets belonging to the employer to recover the amount owed to you if payment is not forthcoming.

Very often the presence of High Court Enforcement Agents in the workplace, plus the threat of goods being removed, is enough to make your employer take the situation seriously and look to resolve the outstanding amount amicably.

That’s where DCBL’s High Court Enforcement Agents, as seen on Channel 5’s “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!”, can help you.

Use the Experts for Positive Outcomes

With our High Court Enforcement Agents on your side, your chances of recovering the money you’re owed greatly increase.

Whatever the method of enforcement, we have the experience to help you recover money owed to you.

Unlike salaried County Court Bailiffs, we only get paid on successful collections, as our Statutory Fees are added on top of the amount that has been awarded.

Take a look at this recent review from Trustpilot:

Tribunal Award Review For DCBL


As part of our High Court Enforcement services, we also offer:

If you’re sick of stressing about the money someone owes you, call us on 0330 404 4462 or fill in our contact form today.

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