Enforcement companies follow DCBL’s lead

29th July 2019

The body cameras will have to be worn by bailiffs, or certificated enforcement agents in England and Wales, who collect debts including those related to council tax, traffic penalties and rent arrears. High Court enforcement officers will also wear the cameras, but the measure will not apply to county court bailiffs.

Justice Minister Paul Maynard said: “The use of intimidation and aggression by some bailiffs is utterly unacceptable, and it is right we do all we can to tackle such behaviour. Whilst most bailiffs act above board, body-worn cameras will provide greater security for all involved – not least consumers who are often vulnerable.”

At DCBL we have made it a mandatory requirement for all our enforcement agents to wear body-worn cameras during their enforcement for numerous years. We hold the belief that the cameras are essential to protect not only the enforcement agents but also the debtors.

The civil enforcement association CIVEA, which represents bailiff firms, said: “This decision offers reassurances to the public that standards are consistently high and gives protection to our agents who do a difficult job on behalf of local authorities”.