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Successful Debt Recovery Case - Success Story - Luxury Destination Wedding PLanner

Successful Debt Recovery Case: Luxury Destination Wedding Planner

About the case

Client: Wedding Planner

Debt Type: Unpaid costs to suppliers for a cancelled wedding abroad

Debt Amount: Over £100,000

Result: £75,000 collected without the need for court action, remainder pursued by DCB Legal

Successful Debt Recovery Case – The debtor engaged with our client, a planner of luxury destination weddings, for a £100k+ lavish wedding by the Mediterranean. Over the last ten years, people are spending more and more on weddings and luxury destination weddings have become more common. When a wedding costs over £100k, unpaid debt becomes extremely important to recover.

Just days before the event, the wedding was regrettably cancelled. The debtors thought that because they cancelled the wedding, they didn’t have to pay. Unfortunately, the client had already paid out around £75,000 to suppliers and was left with potential financial ruin.

DCBL’s Debt Recovery Solution

The client instructed DCBL to recover the debt, and within a week one of our agents recovered £75k from one of the debtors, securing most of the client’s costs and removing significant strain on their finances. With £75k recovered, our client was able to resume business without worry while the case was passed onto DCB Legal’s specialist Debt Recovery solicitors to chase the remaining fees.

It meant that within just one week of contacting DCBL, the client was in a significantly better position. 75% of the debt was recovered without any need for court action, a potentially lengthy process. As our client was facing potential financial ruin, it was vital to recover money as soon as possible to secure the business, which DCBL did successfully. This is a very Successful Debt Recovery Case.

We can do this as part of a seamless service thanks to DCB Legal and DCBL both being part of the Direct Group, allowing our clients to recover difficult debts with minimal hassle. The client has been extremely pleased with the results so far.

Have you got a debt you’ve been chasing to no avail? Talk to DCBL about how we can locate your debtor and get you paid quickly. Call 0203 298 0201 or get a Debt Recovery quote via our online form.


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