Debtor Tracing

Millions of pounds worth of debt are written off each year as a result of debtors moving and leaving no new address or telephone number; leaving the debtor seemingly ‘untraceable’.


Debtor Tracing


Debtor tracing is a service provided by DCBL across the UK and internationally. Each year millions of pounds worth of debt are written off as a result of debtors moving home or premises without leaving contact details, causing debtors to become ‘untraceable’. At DCBL, our debtor tracing services help to establish your debtor’s new location and allow your debt to be collected. 

With over 50 years’ collective experience in the Debt Recovery and High Court Enforcement industry, we know that the speed with which the debt is resolved is crucial. Our debtor tracing service helps to establish your debtor’s whereabouts as quickly as possible and is vital to the collection of your monies.

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What is Debtor Tracing?

Debtor tracing services help to locate individuals who are indebted to you to ensure debt collection can proceed. There are many reasons to need to trace a debtor but the most common is a lack of forwarding address from their last known location, this can be intentional to avoid payment of debt. 

We use specialist databases in order to effectively and quickly find up to date information about the debtor. At DCBL we have access to reliable and sophisticated location and information software tools, unlike those available on Government websites, so that we can locate the debtor much faster, saving you time and potentially lowering fees.

How debtor tracing works

Our debtor tracing service works by extracting data from dynamic internal and external sources. This provides us with the subject’s most recent credit activity and linking them to any address and telephone number they may be using.

Unlike any publicly accessible information, our database can provide us with a full financial profile and credit activity without leaving an electronic footprint.

We conduct our debtor tracing services in an ethical manner and all of our systems use only DPA compliant techniques to find individuals legitimately.

Debtor Tracing - DCBL Team in the UK

Leading The Way

In order to provide industry-leading collection rates, DCBL ensures we have the best processes in place. Many of our competitors predominantly use publicly accessible information, however, we have invested heavily in the most up-to-date real-time trace, financial profile and address verification systems. Debtor tracing with DCBL means that you have the ability to thoroughly search for your subject.

Our search includes D.O.B, surname, alias or partial postcode. The database we use for debtor tracing is updated continuously, giving us access to real-time addresses and phone numbers derived from credit links and activity. It gives us the ability to trace debtors that otherwise have escaped the system. From that point onwards, information can be passed directly to our debt recovery team, they will use a range of tactics including face-to-face debt collection to recover what you are owed.

Key Benefits of DCBL’s Debtor Tracing

Our debtor tracing experts are knowledgeable and effective in locating debtors. Here are just some of the main benefits of using our debtor tracing service: 

  • Continuous tracking: Debtors can be put on a continuous review/tracker, alerting us to any changes in their circumstances and any new addresses they may be using.
  • Contact information: Our debtor tracing process shows all telephone numbers linked to the individual, both past and present if they are linked with their credit file.
  • Full profiling: Our process can give us a full profile of the individual including any supporting information that may be linked with their credit file so you get a complete picture.

Tenant Tracing

Our debtor tracing services include tenant tracing for landlords. We can help you trace tenants who breached a contract or owe your company money, finding their latest address and other contact information where possible, such as a telephone number. This means that you can retrieve your monies faster and more efficiently so that you can get back to what matters most to you.

Additional Services

In addition to debtor tracing services, we can also offer a pre-court debt recovery service from our Debt Recovery team. We also offer award-winning High Court Recovery, alongside commercial and residential possession and traveller removal from property.


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