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Success Story - Aviation Manufacturer

Success Story in Debt Recovery: Multinational Aviation Manufacturer

Success Story in Debt Recovery

Sector: Manufacturing, Aviation
Debt Type: Unpaid training costs
Debt Amount: Circa £50,000
Result: Debt successfully collected within days

Success Story in Debt Recovery – About the case

Success Story in Debt Recovery – The client is a multinational manufacturer of aeroplanes and trains with over 50,000 employees all over the world.

They came to us to recover a debt from an ex-employee who had left the business for another company in the same industry immediately after completing training. The cost of the training they had received was equal to a year’s salary.

The debtor had continually slipped through their former employer’s fingers, avoiding returning the money they owed them for six months.

Taking the first step to collecting the debt – Success Story in Debt Recovery

The client got in touch with DCBL in the hopes of recovering this long-overdue debt.

We talked the client through our debt recovery process, which starts with letters and phone calls explaining the situation to the debtor and that our debt collection agents would be making visits to their address should payment in full not be forthcoming.

We also assured the client that, should the debtor fail to make the repayment, we could involve our sister company, DCB Legal, to start legal proceedings against the debtor. This could eventually lead to the debt being transferred to the High Court, at which point our Enforcement agents could remove assets to make up the value of the debt, if necessary.

DCBL called into action

After a thorough credit check to verify the debtor’s whereabouts and financial situation, our agents traced the debtor to a new address within days of being instructed by the client.

Despite dodging our client for six months, our agents were able to quickly persuade the debtor of the seriousness of the situation and convinced them it was in everyone’s best interest for them to make payment in full immediately.

A positive outcome within days

Within hours, the debtor had paid the balance in full, plus our client’s instruction fee on top.

A fast payment in full for the client, a clear legal record for the debtor and another job well done for DCBL’s Debt Recovery team.

Have you got a debt you’ve been chasing to no avail? Talk to DCBL about how we can locate your debtor and get you paid quickly. Call 0203 298 0201 or get a Debt Recovery quote via our online form.

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