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Success Story - Famous Musician

Debt Recovery Success Story: Collecting from a Famous Musician

Debt Recovery Success Story

About the case

Debt Recovery Success Story – Our Debt Recovery team has recently been assisting a talent agency, representing some of the most recognisable and up-and-coming artists in the UK music scene, to collect unpaid management fees where necessary.

Client: Talent agency
Debt Type: Unpaid talent management fees owed for two years
Debt Amount: £5,000
Result: Debt paid in full including interest and fees within days of the initial enquiry

We have successfully collected payment in full on multiple cases for the agency, however, one recent case stood out.

The talent agency instructed us to contact a very famous musician, associated with several legendary bands of the ’70s and 80s. This prominent performer owed them close to £5,000 after giving them excuses and ignoring their requests for payment for nearly two years.

Debt Recovery Success Story: Debt to the tune of £5,000

Once our agents made direct contact with the debtor, they admitted the debt but pleaded poverty because of the COVID pandemic – despite having owed the money for two years and having enjoyed decades worth of chart-topping success.

The debtor even attempted to offer the original debt amount, flouting the interest and fees accrued by continually disregarding our client’s requests for payment.

Unfortunately for them, our agent wasn’t fazed by their fame or their excuses and persisted for payment in full.

Time to face the music

After a couple of days of continued chasing by our agent, the debtor conceded and paid their debt in full, finally resolving the matter.

As ever, our client was extremely grateful for our intervention and happy to have finally recovered their money.

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