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Success Story - Commercial Payments back on track

Debt Recovery Success Story: Commercial Rent Payments Back on Track

Debt Recovery Success Story

In a remarkable debt recovery success story, DCBL helped a charitable housing association facing challenges with a commercial tenant who had decided not to pay rent for over six months.

Client: Property Management
Debt Type: Commercial rent unpaid for six months
Debt Amount: £10,000
Result: Outstanding rent paid, and next month’s rent paid early

About the case

We recently helped a charitable housing association with a problematic commercial tenant who had decided not to pay rent for the past six months.

The tenant, a high street bookmaker, was using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse for non-payment despite the fact it was clear they were still trading.

Although our client had been sympathetic to tenants throughout the pandemic, in this case, they felt taken advantage of and called on DCBL to collect the significant outstanding debt.

Expert debt recovery methods

Upon contacting the debtor, our agent was initially met with a refusal to pay. The tenant attempted to exploit the current restrictions around evictions, thinking this meant they were free to stop making rent payments despite their business still being operational.

Being well versed in the excuses of such debtors, our agent made them aware that continued refusal to pay would lead to in-person visits to the business, followed by legal proceedings.

Once it was made clear to the tenant that the problem was not going to go away, they conceded and paid their debt, plus collection fees, directly to our client.

Rent paid up early from now on

This was a fantastic result for our client, who not only recovered a significant sum owed to them but also received the next month’s rent early as a result of the tenant now taking the payments more seriously.

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