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Convincing your employer to use a debt collection agency

Convincing your Employer to Instruct a Debt Collection Agency

Convincing your employer to instruct a debt collection agency – You’ve come to your wit’s end chasing that unpaid invoice. The lack of payment is eating into your time, your productivity, and your department’s figures.

Thankfully, you’ve discovered a debt collection agency that can help remove all this stress and finally get that debt settled.

There’s just one last hurdle you need to get past – Getting the higher-ups to sign it off.

Handling objections to instructing an external debt collector

Convincing your Employer to Instruct a Debt Collection Agency – Your employer might have concerns about using a debt collection agency. Maybe they think it’s a drastic step, or they feel there is too much risk involved. They might also be worried about damaging the firm’s reputation with the client involved, or that instructing a debt collection agency might be a complicated process.

By using an FCA regulated debt collection agency that provides an ethical and compliant service (such as DCBL), you can give your employer confidence that the company’s reputation will be protected.

We are proud of our accreditations from institutions like the Credit Services Association and our ISO standards (27001 Information Security and 9001:2015 Quality Management System). Our involvement in the hit TV show “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” gives unprecedented transparency into our services and has also given us unique brand awareness, making our services very effective.

Chasing debts successfully requires a specialist debt collection agency

Perhaps raising invoices is part of your job, and you might send a few reminders for overdue payments. However, you are unlikely to be expected to chase late payments to the degree that a debt collection agency will. For example, you would never pay a personal visit to your debtor’s doorstep or arrange for legal proceedings to commence.

In short, collecting debts quickly and effectively is a specialist skill. Unless you have the right experience, knowledge, and abilities, you could find yourself going around in circles.

This is the strength of using a debt collection agency like DCBL. Because we exist to recover what you are rightfully owed we will take measures your business simply wouldn’t have time or resource to do, such as conducting thorough financial profiles of debtors and making face to face visits.

Passing these cases onto us allows you to do your actual job, and your company to focus on its core business of serving its paying customers.

You can escalate the issue without complicated legal action

Some clients simply won’t pay what they owe, no matter how many times you ask. This is probably because they know there are no repercussions for ignoring your requests.

At DCBL, debtors take our demands very seriously. The DCBL brand is regularly recognised for our involvement in the hit TV programme “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” and often it only takes a letter from us to move discussions of payment along. If not, our agent visits are hard to ignore.

Many businesses assume that the only way of escalating the issue of non-payment is to call in costly solicitors, in a lengthy and often messy process. However, instructing a debt collection agency is fast and straightforward. With a trail of invoices and agreements backing your claim, DCBL can act as soon as you instruct us.

Need the services of a debt recovery agency to settle unpaid invoices for your business? Contact us or call 0203 298 0201 to get expert help – your employer will thank you once those invoices are finally paid.


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