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Employment Tribunals to See Boost Thanks to Government Changes

The Employment Tribunals process is receiving a boost thanks to reforms announced by the government last week, as part of a plan backed by £80 million in funding and 1,600 extra staff.

The reforms will also offer the opportunity to use virtual and remote hearings, which is much more convenient for many considering the COVID-19 pandemic. The criteria for judges able to preside over Tribunal cases have also been broadened.

The subsequent increase in capacity for cases will allow a quicker resolution to cases, meaning those owed money by employers (or former employers) can get on track to collect much sooner.

Enforce your Tribunal Award today with DCBL

If you have been awarded a judgment against an employer in a tribunal case and the employer has still not paid, you can instruct a High Court Enforcement Agency to act on your behalf to collect the money.

Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd offer an expert Tribunal Award Enforcement service, for the flat cost of £66, which is added to the debtor’s liability. Our agents are then authorised by the court to visit employers for payment. The only other potential cost is a £75 compliance fee in the event of an unsuccessful collection.

However, in most cases, our agents’ presence plus their court-instilled power to remove assets up to the value of the debt is enough incentive to quickly recover the money owed to you.

Our High Court Enforcement Agents, as seen on “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!”, achieve much better results than County Court Bailiffs, as we are only paid on successful collections – we want to collect the money as much as you do, and have strong legal powers to do so.

If you need to enforce a Tribunal award, click here to instruct us today or call 0203 298 0201 and we will talk you through the process.

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