A Day In the life of a High Court Enforcement agent.

29th August 2019

Most Mornings involve preparing various tasks to effectively execute writs and court orders on behalf of judgement creditors. As an enforcement agent, I start each day by making sure I have all the necessary paperwork’s and equipment with me to effectively target judgement debtors/defaulters or complete orders required throughout the day.

This involves checking and sorting electrical devices, phones and iPad body-worn CCTV cameras, all protective equipment such as heavy boots and stab vests and identifiable high court enforcement jacket.

The days usually commence around 05:30 am, whereas an agent I would have prepared a route the night before of all required attendances to maximise the result in the client’s best interests.

I would ordinarily seek to arrive at my first address for between the hours of 06:00 and 06:30 am, this is the time when I would find most people are at home either preparing to start their day or asleep giving a greater likelihood of the judgement debtor being at home to resolve the issue.

The day would then usually revolve around various other tasks and orders, these can include forfeitures of tenancy or lease agreement on behalf of landlords, removal of travellers from illegal encampments or trespass on private land and more commonly the enforcement of high court writs on behalf of judgement claimants.

Days and times of activities can vary upon client instruction requirement or request, for example, if a business doesn’t open until 9 am to attend before it is open logically would make no sense, therefore planning and preparation is key to the successful execution of a task.

Most days involve travelling between multiple different debtor premises, and usually, this means several motorway miles between locations towns and areas. Traffic management also comes into play logistically as an agent it is always beneficial to maximise daily attendances to meet client service levels.

As an agent on a standard day, I would ordinarily visit between 6 and 10 addresses daily, between the hours of 06:00 am and 4:00 pm working an average of 10 hours and covering approximately 200miles

Daily enforcement duty can and usually is very demanding, most if not all judgement debtors react in the same way. A debtor hardly appreciates the attendance of an enforcement agent in the early hours looking to make them pay or do something they have been avoiding or evading. Agents are regularly met with hostility, volatility abuse and threats.

Occasionally judgement debtors can become violent towards the agent and the enforcement process, to mention but a few recent events on one day last week the brandishing of an unsheathed Samurai sword in an attempt to intimidate, a lump hammer behind the desk of a shopkeeper who clearly did not want to lose his stock or takings, angry dogs preventing entry to a home or travellers refusing to leave land they have committed trespass upon until the private parking company agree to remove any tickets they accrued within their 4 days illegal occupancy of private land, this being a stereotypical day of enforcement!

Working for such a well-known company in DCBL is also a major positive in the job we do.

Both of us as agents have worked for various other enforcement companies over the years and with DCBLs routes and ethics firmly set with the clients best interest and customer focus at heart, this benefits ourselves as agents knowing we act righteously in efforts to recover money and sums due to those who are wronged.