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Why Preparation is Paramount in High Court Enforcement

Much more goes into a successful High Court Enforcement visit than simply turning up and knocking on the front door.

Although we are proud of our involvement in Channel 5’s “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!”, the programme only shows half the story when it comes to enforcing High Court writs.

In fact, successful High Court Enforcement is a team effort mixing in-office investigation work with the carefully measured enforcement action in the field you see on TV.

High Court Enforcement backed by live data

At DCBL, a lot of preparation and information gathering takes place before an enforcement agent ever sets foot on the debtor’s doorstep.

Firstly, we work with our clients to gather as much information as possible. Quite often the client will know many useful details about their debtor that will help with our enforcement and enable us to find the most accurate information possible. After all, the better the information the better the chance of success.

Secondly, we carry out detailed credit checks to find out where the debtor is residing and determine their ability to pay their debt. Throughout the enforcement period our system will provide up to the minute updates automatically should any circumstances change or if a new address is found.

By building up a detailed profile of a debtor before we visit them, we know what to expect and how to approach them most effectively to get a favourable result quickly.

Information empowers successful enforcement

Unlike County Court Bailiffs, with a High Court Writ in hand, we can visit debtors between the hours of 6am – 9pm instead of just 10am – 2pm, giving us a much better chance of a successful collection.

After decades of experience, we are confident in our methods, which have led to us achieving industry-leading success rates in both debt collection and High Court Enforcement.

If you have a CCJ you need us to enforce, instruct us online today or call us on 0203 298 0201 to discuss your case in more detail.

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