Commercial Debt Recovery Services

Commercial Debt Recovery Services That Get You Paid

Since 2001 DCBL has recovered commercial debts for businesses, from household brands to local SMEs right across the UK. Find out how we can help you.

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Experts In Commercial Debt Recovery

At DCBL we approach commercial debt recovery a little differently from our competitors. We have the ability to go beyond standard letter sending and phone calls to trace your debtors and recover what you are owed using a mixture of real-time debtor tracing and face-to-face debt collection, with agents on the ground for maximum efficiency.

We work with a variety of businesses from a range of sectors to assist and recover their outstanding debts, helping to improve cash flow, overall financial performance and growth potential. We understand that time waiting for or chasing incoming finance puts unnecessary strain on your livelihood.
As a team we have over 50-years of combined experience in debt recovery throughout the UK with numerous locations across England, Scotland and Wales to aid our team in recovering your debt.

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DCBL are accredited by

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Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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Our Approach to Corporate Debt Recovery

After instruction from a client, DCBL’s team produces a financial report of your debtor, including their assets and address verification for tracing purposes. This first step is vital in DCBL being able to offer industry-leading debt recovery rates.

From here we use a range of internal and field-based techniques to recover debts. This includes the use of the latest tracing technologies enabling DCBL agents to use real-time data, rather than publicly accessible information used by a number of other debt collection agencies.

From your initial contact with DCBL through to the monies landing in your account, we appoint a dedicated account manager to lead the process and be your point of contact throughout. They will be able to offer support, up-to-date information and expertise on your case at any time.

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Why Outsource Commercial Debt Recovery?

Recovering commercial debts can be difficult without the right expertise.
Outsource to the UK's leading debt collection agency for industry-leading recovery rates you can trust.

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Trading since 2001, we are debt collection experts


While you are the experts in your own industry, we are the experts in ours. We have years of experience in tracing debtors and recovering what you are owed.

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Focus on your growth while we focus on debt recovery


Credit Control is a time-consuming process that is often left with a member of your accounts team. Outsourcing to a debt collection agency allows your team to focus on achieving your goals.

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With debt recovery every minute counts


As a debt collection agency, we can dedicate all of our time and resources to tracing debtors and recovering outstanding invoices. Internal debtor tracing is often just one of the many tasks that pass across a person’s desk each day.

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Relationship Management

Maintain relationships for future business

Relationship Management

We are not only experts in debt collection, we specialise in maintaining relationships between business and their customers. We aim to ensure you collect what you are owed, without losing future business as a result.

"Over the past three years we have used the services of DCBL, and found them to be extremely successful in the collection of our monies"

Mr Philip J Hughes, Founder & MD

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"Yet again you have exceeded our expectations. Within a fortnight I received the very welcome news that you had recovered the debt in full - thank you again."

Paul Riches, Business Manager

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"Thank you, to you and your team, particularly Sheila for your patience and tenacity with this case. The debtor was a particularly awkward individual and I am tremendously impressed..."

Howard Perry

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"DCBL staff are a pleasure to deal with and have provided us with expertise and guidance. I would not hesitate in recommending DCBL and the professional service they offer. "

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"We are extremely impressed and pleased with the services you provided. We will not hesitate to use your services again, and, indeed, have already done so. "

Carters Solicitors LLP

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"I would like to express our sincere thanks for your services over the past 5 years. We have been more than impressed with your services, your team are very professional..."

Listers Central Limited

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"During this time, we have always found them to be professional, trustworthy, and always gone over and above what I would have expected."

Anthony Remer - Partner

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"After nearly 3 years of false promises and court action I thought I may never see my money. DCBL managed to recover £10,000 from a client..."

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"My company has found DCBL to be very professional and efficient and would not hesitate to employ their service again."

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"We were very pleased with the speed of the action taken. We were kept informed all the way through to collection. Your team were excellent."

Mrs Patricia Bedford. Credit Control for Toshiba TEC UK.

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More Testimonials
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Our approach

Ethical and compliant

We conduct our debtor tracing services in an ethical manner and all of our systems use only DPA compliant techniques to find individuals legitimately.

Real-time addresses

The databases we use for debtor tracing are updated continuously, giving us access to real-time addresses and phone numbers derived from credit links and activity.

Tenant tracing

We can help you trace tenants who breached a contract or owe money, finding their latest address and other contact information where possible, such as phone numbers.

Additional services

In addition to tracing, we have award-winning Debt Recovery and High Court Enforcement teams, as well as commercial and residential possession, and traveller removal services.

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