Don’t Put Off Chasing Your Debtors for Unpaid Invoices

15th January 2021

It’s unfair to not be paid as agreed. With each ignored reminder for payment it gets harder and harder to approach your debtor, and you may eventually feel less optimistic about recovering the money.

There are a few reasons why many people put off chasing bad debts:

Not enough time to chase the debt

Once you’ve sent a few emails and letters, you have already used up valuable time and got nowhere closer to being paid.

When your time is rightly taken up with running your business and providing services to your customers, it’s difficult to find the time to take effective action against your debtor.

Chasing the debtor is unpleasant or awkward

This is common where the creditor wishes to maintain a positive relationship with their debtor. You want to be lenient, but the longer the issue is prolonged, the harder it is to get paid and the more strained the business relationship becomes.

Many people simply dislike asking for money, even when it’s overdue, and are unsure how to approach the problem directly.

Ultimately, it’s better to resolve the issue now than let the issue get in the way of future dealings with the debtor.

The debtor has disputed the invoice

Even if you have evidence that proves the debt is owed to you, any disagreement from the debtor makes it difficult to chase the debt.

You may think that the only way forward is through the courts – a time consuming and costly ordeal you are unlikely to want to jump into lightly.

Resolve debts quickly with DCBL

DCBL Personal Loan RecoveryOne phone call to DCBL and you could be on your way to getting the debt recovered at minimal hassle to yourself. We offer a no obligation consultation before we take on any case, so you will get all the information you need to decide whether to proceed.

We will also tell you up front if we don’t think your case is collectable, so you know that we aren’t wasting your time or money.

Should you instruct us to recover the debt for you, we’ll take the problem out of your hands and chase the debtor for payment on your behalf. DCBL’s unique brand awareness through our involvement with the Channel 5 series “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away” means we have the highest debtor engagement rate in the industry and can deliver outcomes faster than our competitors.

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