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5 Situations Where A Debt Collection Agency Can Help

There are all sorts of reasons you could find yourself owed money. Over the years, DCBL has heard countless stories and helped clients in a huge range of different situations, but here are the top 5 situations in which a debt collection agency could help you.

While these are common reasons to contact DCBL, we know that every case is unique. We are successful by tailoring our approach to each client, so if you’re not sure whether or not we could help, just give us a call on 0203 298 0201 and a member of our team can discuss it with you.

1. Missing goods or services – Debt Collection Agency Can Help

Missing goods, or services that have been paid for but not delivered, is a common reason to contact a debt collection agency. This applies to businesses as well as individuals.

A common example is a payment for construction materials which are then not sent as promised. It’s also relevant to contact a debt collection agency if supplies and goods that were paid for were then not delivered in the promised condition. It’s advisable to contact the company first, but if they refuse to deliver on the product or service you’ve paid for, then you have solid ground to pursue the matter further.

2. Missing payment for your goods or services – Debt Collection Agency Can Help

On the reverse side, if you’ve delivered a service or product and not received payment, then you can use a debt collection agency to collect the money that is owed to you.

An example might be a plumber who has worked on a bathroom but never received payment for their final invoice. There are many situations in which companies or sole traders experience unpaid invoices and need to chase up on debt as an essential part of keeping their company running.

Choosing a third-party agency, such as DCBL, means you can concentrate on your work, while we concentrate on debt collection on your behalf.

3. Missing rent – Debt Collection Agency Can Help

One of the most common causes of debt building up is rental arrears. Landlords, particularly private landlords, rely on rent being paid in full and on time. When a tenant misses several months of payment, it can be invaluable to use a debt collection agency in order to recover your money.

If a tenant has missed many payments, an enforcement agency can help you through the process of evicting and removing difficult tenants through residential possession.

Both residential and commercial rent recovery can be handled by a debt collection agency.

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4. Debtors have moved home – Debt Collection Agency Can Help

It can be difficult to collect unpaid money for services, goods or rent if a debtor has moved away. As a company, you’re unlikely to have the resources or tools available to trace debtors successfully and within the confines of the law.

A debt agency with debtor tracing capabilities will have access to advanced address verification systems to track down the location and in many instances contact details of debtors. DCBL has access to some of the industry’s leading tools so we can find out information quickly, effectively and accurately.

5. I’ve tried myself, but it hasn’t worked – Debt Collection Agency Can Help

Every company, and individual, knows it’s important to chase up unpaid invoices or missing goods. On many occasions, a company or individual has made a simple mistake, missed a letter or forgotten about the invoice – and a polite reminder is enough to correct the mistake and recover your money.

However, there are unfortunately many cases where this isn’t enough. You might have tried chasing debt many times in-house but to no avail. Choosing to involve a third party, such as DCBL, can be enough to enforce the severity of the issue with the debtor and receive your money. A debt collection agency also has the power to enforce collection in more difficult situations.

Don’t give up on collecting your debt

Even if you think your debt is beyond recovery, talk to us. We’ll always tell you if we believe the debt is unrecoverable, as we don’t waste our time or your money chasing rainbows!

In many cases, we have helped people who had exhausted every other avenue to recover the debt owed to them.

We can also collect debts that other debt collection agencies can’t or have written off as ‘unrecoverable’. Our letters are 25% more effective than our competitors due to our brand recognition from being exclusively featured on Channel 5’s “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!”. We also specialise in face to face visits, which we find to be the most effective way to recover money from stubborn debtors.

Act today to collect your debts

The advantage of DCBL’s pre-court debt recovery service is that you don’t require court action to instruct us. All we need is proof that the debt is valid, such as invoices, contracts, statements, or written agreements.

However, if you have been to court and have a judgment, you can instruct us to transfer the judgment to a High Court Writ for our High Court Enforcement Agents to enforce.

So, if you have a debt of over £1,000 within the last six years, or a CCJ for more than £600, call us on 0203 298 0201 or use our contact form to get a quote for our services.


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