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As industry leaders in High Court Enforcement, our Certificated Agents can recover your commercial rent arrears swiftly, efficiently and entirely free of charge to you.

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DCBL is an industry leader with over 50 years of experience in CRAR.

Within this time, we have amassed an in-depth understanding of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) and have developed processes designed to produce a swift, favourable result on every occasion.

Our nationwide teams of certificated agents are all highly skilled in dealing with tenants in the recovery of Commercial Rent Arrears whilst always representing you, our client, in the best light possible, ensuring the Landlord/Tenant relationship remains intact.

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UK Wide Enforcement Agency

As one of the UK’s largest enforcement agencies, DCBL agents can be called upon in any corner of the British Isles

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What Is CRAR?

Whilst the Rent Act 1977 stripped residential landlords of the ability to recover unpaid rent through seizing goods, commercial landlords are still able to do this.

The process of CRAR allows landlords to recover overdue rent without needing a court order. However, this only applies to commercial tenancies subject to a written lease. The rent arrears must be at least 7 days’ worth or more at the time that the Notice is served and at the time of enforcement, and landlords do not have the rights to seize goods – this can only be actioned by certified enforcement agents, such as DCBL’s.

DCBL’s Process

Once you have filled out a Warrant of Control, you can instruct DCBL. Upon instruction, our specialist CRAR team will begin the enforcement action which starts with issuing a 7-day notice to your tenant.

If your tenant doesn’t pay, we will schedule an attendance from our certificated agents who will enter the property and take control of goods. These will then be sold at auction.

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Why choose DCBL for Commercial Rent Recovery

Instruct DCBL's certificated Agents for CRAR to ensure that your rent arrears are recovered
swiftly, efficiently, and ethically.

Free Service

Expert service entirely free of charge to you. As directed by Statute, the fees for our professional service are added to the outstanding rent arrears.

Free Service

As such, the fees are payable by the tenant, regardless of the outcome of our attendances. There is no need to be concerned about incurring costly legal fees for obtaining professional advice or waiting for a time-consuming Court process.

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Monies Remitted

Upon collection, your monies are remitted to you via your preferred method as soon as the 14-day statutory holding period has ended.

Monies Remitted

We strongly believe that you should not have to wait any longer to receive your funds.

We are only too aware that cash flow underpins a successful business. You can rest assured that our professional Enforcement Agents will secure your interest in collecting the arrears.

Protecting Landlord/Tenant Relationships

We are there to protect the landlord/tenant relationship and help you to maintain your tenant and business networks.

Protecting Landlord/Tenant Relationships

If the tenant is unable to pay the arrears in full at the time of attendance but payment is proposed, we will contact you to see if this is acceptable. If agreed, we will put a controlled goods agreement in place, and monitor the arrangement from start to finish.

Case Actioned Within 24 Hours

Prompt action is the key to successful recovery.

Case Actioned Within 24 Hours

At the point of choosing to instruct us, you will have already waited too long for your outstanding rent. You can rest assured that our professional enforcement teams will collect your arrears in the quickest, most effective way possible.

"I would like to express our sincere thanks for your services over the past 5 years. We have been more than impressed with your services, your team are very professional..."

Listers Central Limited

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"During this time, we have always found them to be professional, trustworthy, and always gone over and above what I would have expected."

Anthony Remer - Partner

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"Yet again you have exceeded our expectations. Within a fortnight I received the very welcome news that you had recovered the debt in full - thank you again."

Paul Riches, Business Manager

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"After nearly 3 years of false promises and court action I thought I may never see my money. DCBL managed to recover £10,000 from a client..."

More Testimonials
"My company has found DCBL to be very professional and efficient and would not hesitate to employ their service again."

More Testimonials
"We were very pleased with the speed of the action taken. We were kept informed all the way through to collection. Your team were excellent."

Mrs Patricia Bedford. Credit Control for Toshiba TEC UK.

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"We are extremely impressed and pleased with the services you provided. We will not hesitate to use your services again, and, indeed, have already done so. "

Carters Solicitors LLP

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"DCBL staff are a pleasure to deal with and have provided us with expertise and guidance. I would not hesitate in recommending DCBL and the professional service they offer. "

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"Thank you, to you and your team, particularly Sheila for your patience and tenacity with this case. The debtor was a particularly awkward individual and I am tremendously impressed..."

Howard Perry

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"Over the past three years we have used the services of DCBL, and found them to be extremely successful in the collection of our monies"

Mr Philip J Hughes, Founder & MD

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Trustpilot 1800 5-star reviews
Our approach

Complete debtor address verification

We invest heavily in the most up-to-date, real-time trace and address verification systems to obtain the subject’s most recent credit activity and link them to any address and phone number they may be using.

Experienced Officers

Our certificated and vetted Enforcement Agents undergo robust training to ensure they work in accordance with our procedures. This ensures every case is dealt with in an ethical and compliant manner.

Unrivalled brand awareness

Our participation in the popular TV Series “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” created a unique brand awareness that is instantly recognised by many, meaning we collect debts that others simply can’t.

Commitment to excellence

We maintain high standards, exceeding guidelines set by our accreditations from the FCA, CSA, CAI and Alcumus ISO 27001 and 9001.


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