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Traveller Eviction

21st September 2022

Traveller Eviction | DCBL’s #1 Fast and Effective Solution

High Court EnforcementNewsTraveller Eviction

Are you wondering how to get rid of travellers that have set up camp on your land? DCBL understands that without expert knowledge of the law, navigating a traveller eviction, … Continued

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Keep Trespassing Travellers Off DCBL Certificated High Court Enforcement Agent conducting Trespasser Removal

11th June 2020

How to Keep Trespassing Travellers Off Your Property

NewsTraveller Eviction

Keep Trespassing Travellers Off – As summer approaches and temperatures begin to rise, the likelihood of Travellers trespassing onto private land uninvited rises too. In fact, at DCBL the number … Continued

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Trespassing Travellers on Land

26th June 2019

Travellers on your land? Advice for Landowners

NewsTraveller Eviction

Travellers on your land – If travellers decide to take up residence on your premises what can you do to move them? Travellers on your land – Common-Law The main … Continued

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DCBL's high court enforcement agents featured on the Gypsies Next Door TV Program

16th April 2019

The Gypsies Next Door

NewsTraveller Eviction

The first episode of the brand-new four-part documentary series ‘THE GYPSIES NEXT DOOR’ starts Thursday 9pm on Channel 5. DCBL is under instruction from the borough council to remove an … Continued

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Remove travellers quickly Trespassing Travellers leave caravan and rubbish

19th March 2019

How to remove travellers quickly and efficiently.

NewsTraveller Eviction

Remove travellers quickly – Guaranteed 24-hour Traveller Removal £495 + VAT Remove travellers quickly – It’s a familiar story: travellers congregate on the land or premises of a beleaguered landowner. … Continued

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DCBL traveller eviction remove Travellers

5th July 2018

How can you remove Travellers from your land or premises?

NewsTraveller Eviction

Remove Travellers – Throughout the summer months, the likelihood of Travellers arriving and parking upon your land greatly increases. If travellers decide to take up residence on your premises what can … Continued

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