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DCBL's high court enforcement agents featured on the Gypsies Next Door TV Program

The Gypsies Next Door

The first episode of the brand-new four-part documentary series ‘THE GYPSIES NEXT DOOR’ starts Thursday 9pm on Channel 5.

DCBL is under instruction from the borough council to remove an unauthorised encampment set up in a leisure centre. The agents have to move quickly to reduce the likelihood of further travellers congregating, damage to land and fly-tipping.

 Find out why DCBL maintain a 100% Traveller Removal success rate and watch us in action.

The premiere of the captivating new four-part documentary series ‘THE GYPSIES NEXT DOOR’ airs this Thursday at 9pm on Channel 5. In this opening episode, viewers will see DCBL in action as they tackle a challenging situation under the direction of the borough council. The team is tasked with clearing an unauthorized encampment at a local leisure centre, a job that requires swift and decisive action to prevent additional issues such as more travellers joining, potential land damage, and fly-tipping incidents.

This episode not only highlights the complexities involved in managing such situations but also showcases why DCBL has achieved a 100% success rate in Traveller removals. Watch as the DCBL agents navigate the delicate dynamics of this operation, providing a rare insight into the effective strategies and respectful approach they employ to maintain peace and order. Don’t miss the action and the stories of ‘THE GYPSIES NEXT DOOR’, starting this Thursday at 9pm only on Channel 5.

Tune in to discover the intricate processes behind DCBL’s unblemished record in handling traveller removals and to see our expert agents in the field as they work to ensure community safety and compliance with local laws.

‘THE GYPSIES NEXT DOOR’ starts Thursday 9pm on Channel 5.

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