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Traveller Eviction

Traveller Eviction | DCBL’s #1 Fast and Effective Solution

Are you wondering how to get rid of travellers that have set up camp on your land? DCBL understands that without expert knowledge of the law, navigating a traveller eviction, and evicting travellers from private land can be a stressful and difficult process

Traveller Eviction – Contents

In 2016, one in 6 travellers’ caravans were sited on unauthorised properties which in many cases, irritates landowners. You may be pleased to know that it is easy to resolve this by contacting and instructing DCBL.

Our Enforcement Agents are fully trained and highly experienced in dealing with unauthorised encampments. We offer our clients a fast and effective service countrywide.

It is not uncommon for landowners to feel helpless when illegal trespassers and  travellers turn up on their land. Furthermore, find out how we can help with guaranteed removal by enquiring today.

How to Get Rid of Travellers – Common Law

Under Common Law, a landowner has the right to present any traveller and trespasser with an eviction notice. The eviction of travellers is a relatively straightforward process, which a lot of people do not realise.

There is no requirement for a court order under Common Law power, which makes the process quicker. It also reduces the risk of increased gathering, damage to land, and the ongoing disruption it may cause.

By using DCBL’s expert Enforcement Agents, we can help you kick start your quick and speedy eviction to remove trespassers.

If you have identified individuals that are trespassing on your land, it is only right that you regain possession as they are illegally occupying your premises.

Due to the time-sensitive nature of this, we offer a same-day service where, upon receiving your instruction, we generate and serve the required notice that day anywhere in England and Wales.

If you spot trespassers and traveller eviction is the service you need, look no further than DCBL.

Traveller Eviction call to action

DCBL – Traveller Removal Service

For a trusted and quick traveller eviction process, get in touch with DCBL today and start your eviction process.

DCBL has a long history of experience when it comes to the removal of travellers from private land. As well as this, this ensures we maintain a 100% Traveller Removal success rate.

If you are in England or Wales and need our help, fill out our form here, and a member of our specialist team will get in contact with you to provide you with advice.

We are the sole provider of traveller enforcement for various local authorities across the United Kingdom, providing a specialist eviction service. Our national eviction team can assist regardless of where you or the trespassers are located in the country.

DCBL provide constant support, meaning a DCBL high court enforcement officer is never too far away to help you with the removal of an illegal encampment.

For over 20 years, we have helped many businesses and individuals with traveller eviction, debt recovery, high court enforcement and commercial rent arrears recovery.

Take the correct steps to remove travellers today by contacting the eviction experts at DCBL.

Click here to request a callback and receive a free quote for your Traveller Eviction.


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