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County court judgment process

25th June 2021

CCJ Enforcement – County Court Judgment Best Practice

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Do you have an unpaid CCJ? Are you looking to undertake CCJ enforcement on someone that owes money? Knowing how to enforce a CCJ can be hard to understand due … Continued

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Direct House expansion update 2

24th June 2021

Expanding Direct House: An Update

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Expanding Direct House – 2021 marks 20 years since Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd was conceived, and the success and professional development that the company has accomplished since then have been … Continued

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Chasing Unpaid Invoices for SMEs

16th March 2021

Chasing Unpaid Invoices – A Guide for SMEs

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Chasing unpaid invoices, or more specifically, knowing how to chase unpaid invoices can seem like a timely task. This is especially true for business owners that find themselves asking “how … Continued

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DCBL Growth and Services - DCBL Celebrates 20 years in business

19th February 2021

DCBL Growth and Services – DCBL are celebrating our landmark 20th year in business!

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DCBL Growth and Services – DCBL are featured in the BPA’s latest AOS newsletter with an article on our 20th business anniversary. “Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd (DCBL) has come a … Continued

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Don't put off chasing your debtors

15th January 2021

Unpaid Invoices – Don’t Put Off Chasing Your Debtors

Debt RecoveryNews

Sadly, it has become more common for companies to experience unpaid invoices as part of their daily business routines. Invoices are usually paid between 30 days and 60 days after … Continued

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No win no fee debt recovery

8th January 2021

No Win No Fee Debt Recovery: Worth the Risk?

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When shopping around for a debt recovery service to suit your needs, you may be tempted to be drawn in by “no win, no fee” offers – but don’t be so quick … Continued

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DCBL halts on-street enforcement

6th January 2021

DCBL Halt On-Street Enforcement Due To Lockdown Announcement

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DCBL Halt On-Street Enforcement – Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 4th January, effective immediately DCBL has halted all residential enforcement visits to protect both our field agents and … Continued

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Risks to Landlord Tenant Relationships

2nd January 2021

5 Risks To Landlord Tenant Relationships

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A good landlord tenant relationship is extremely important. It helps make the period of the tenancy pleasant and easy for both parties and can also help to get recommendations from … Continued

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Success Story - Commercial Payments back on track

30th November 2020

Debt Recovery Success Story: Commercial Rent Payments Back on Track

NewsSuccess Story

Debt Recovery Success Story In a remarkable debt recovery success story, DCBL helped a charitable housing association facing challenges with a commercial tenant who had decided not to pay rent … Continued

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Convincing your employer to use a debt collection agency

17th November 2020

Convincing your Employer to Instruct a Debt Collection Agency

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Convincing your employer to instruct a debt collection agency – You’ve come to your wit’s end chasing that unpaid invoice. The lack of payment is eating into your time, your … Continued

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