Schools and Supermarkets Most Common Places to Catch COVID

27th November 2020

According to recent NHS Track & Trace data, the most common places that people have visited in the days leading up to a positive coronavirus test reported to the Test and Trace app are schools and supermarkets.

The data, reported by Sky News, counts all who tested positive during the week of November 9th to November 15th and the location tracked for where they visited just before testing positive.

While supermarkets top the segmented list below, it’s worth noting that the combined total of primary and secondary schools, plus colleges and preschool nurseries, were visited by 27% of people who tested positive.

  1. Supermarket – 18.3%
  2. Secondary school – 12.7%
  3. Primary school – 10.1%
  4. Hospital – 3.6%
  5. Care home – 2.8%
  6. College – 2.4%
  7. Warehouse – 2.2%
  8. Nursery preschool – 1.8%
  9. Pub or bar – 1.6%
  10. Hospitality – 1.5%
  11. University – 1.4%
  12. Manufacture engineering – 1.4%
  13. Household fewer than five – 1.2%
  14. General practice – 1.1%
  15. Gym – 1.1%
  16. Restaurant or café – 1.0%

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