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Removing Young Trespassers: Case Study

Direct Security Responds to Anti-Social Behaviour Within Minutes

Direct Group does not just consist of debt recovery and high court enforcement, we also have a security company that provides high-quality security services to a range of businesses, organisations and companies. Our security services are of the highest quality and, as this instance proves, are fast and effective.

Direct Security Solutions, part of Direct Group, works with Halton Chamber of Commerce BID clients to provide security services to a range of their buildings, properties and grounds, including the Runcorn industrial estate.

We received a call from a worker on the estate, concerned about some young people he’d seen in the area.

Fast response

13:58 – Direct Security Solutions received a call from a concerned worker on Runcorn industrial estate, regarding youths possibly causing damage and drinking.

14:15 – Two of our officers arrive at the scene, just 17 minutes after the call. They identify five youths drinking spirits near a warehouse and politely ask them to leave the area which they duly did.

Within minutes of our arrival, the young people were gone from the grounds, preventing them from causing any additional or more significant damage.

Assessing any damage

Our officers then conducted a subsequent area search which revealed some damage to factory unit glass door panels. We reported this to the local police and to the landlord.

Before the officers left the area, they reassured the informant that everything was now okay. He was very impressed with our actions!

Through our swift response time and effective action, thanks to our officers’ manner, we could reassure our Halton Chamber of Commerce BID clients that there was no significant or extremely expensive damage.

Preventing and detecting crime and anti-social behaviour is what we do.

Could you benefit from our services? Give us a call on 01606 855841 or contact us today.

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