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Direct Security Solutions Responds to Increase in Fly-Tipping Due to Lockdown

There have been reports across the country of a spike in cases of fly-tipping, with “copy-cats” adding to fly-tipping hot spots.

Paul Bristow MP is calling for an increase in the penalties for fly-tipping, which is said to be attributed in part to poor attitudes by some members of the public. However, many people have struggled to access tips and proper waste disposal services because of lockdown restrictions.

Direct Security Solutions supporting our local area

Direct Security Solutions works closely with our public and private sector clients to prevent and detect fly-tipping, crime and anti-social behaviour. We understand the negative impact fly-tipping in particular has on the quality of life for businesses, residents, visitors and users of parks and other public space areas.

Our patrol and response units were out and about during the early hours of this morning in Halton and discovered quite a large pile of rubbish deposited on a car park – the local council have been informed and will remove the rubbish and begin an investigation.

The police and the local council cannot ‘be everywhere all of the time’ and we pride ourselves in being able to assist in whatever way we can in helping to keep communities secure, safe and clean.

Please get in touch via 0870 027 4589 or our contact form if we can be of assistance – it would be our pleasure.

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