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Will travel companies refund passengers

Will Travel Companies Refund Passengers?

Will Travel Companies Refund Passengers – The travel industry has been hit harder than most by the coronavirus pandemic, flights, cruises, hotel bookings and holidays were cancelled en masse from March onwards.

As a result, thousands of would-be passengers have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket as airlines and tour companies scramble to refund cancelled trips.

It is only right that passengers are refunded for flights that didn’t happen, and soon, as many people are struggling financially through no fault of their own as the pandemic continues.

Unfortunately, many airlines are failing their customers by sending inadequate messages, breaking promises on when to expect refunds, and in some cases trying to defer bookings instead of giving refunds for money already paid.

This has caused a social media storm, with #RefundPassengers trending for weeks.

Will Travel Companies Refund Passengers – DCBL can help refund your flights

At DCBL, we help consumers, as well as businesses, recover debts they are owed. Time and again we have helped individuals recoup money owed to them by large companies, empowering people who had otherwise gone ignored despite being owed thousands of pounds by big businesses.

Read how we helped an individual recover hundreds of pounds from a major international airline.

Pre-court action – Fast and effective

You don’t always need to take a business to court to get their attention. Our Debt Recovery specialists have decades of experience getting debts paid quickly. Our letters, calls and face-to-face visits are taken very seriously.

Specialist debt collection litigation

If your case requires debt collection litigation, our sister company DCB Legal are the experts you need on your side.

For a fixed cost, DCB Legal can start legal proceedings to obtain a CCJ against the business holding out on your refund, no matter their size.

High Court Enforcement as seen on TV

If you have a CCJ amounting to £600 or more against a debtor, including major airlines and holiday companies, DCBL’s High Court Enforcement Agents can quickly and efficiently collect payment on your behalf.

After transferring your CCJ to a High Court writ at a cost of a £78 court fee (which is added to your debtor’s liability), our High Court Enforcement Agents can enforce the High Court Writ on your behalf. If necessary, they are authorised to take an inventory of assets to the value of the Judgment debt, including fees and other costs incurred, and remove these for auction to raise the funds needed.

We find that most debtors prefer to make the payment in full, including court costs and fees before we have to do this.

Don’t wait in line for your refund – Will Travel Companies Refund Passengers

With thousands of people waiting for refunds that may never come, and many airlines trying everything to get out of paying them, DCBL’s debt recovery services can mean the difference between months of frustration and that refund landing safely in your bank account.

Call us on 0203 298 0201 for a free consultation or fill in our contact form today.

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