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Businesses Owed Unpaid Invoices: Nearly £150k Due for 90%

Businesses Owed Unpaid Invoices – Nine in ten UK companies are waiting to be paid an average of £148,917 in outstanding invoices. 81% of businesses are now waiting between 14 to 30 days past the due date for payment on invoices.

A further 15% say they could be waiting from 3 to 6 months for invoices to be settled. Sadly, some businesses will not be able to survive that long.

This information from fintech lender MarketFinance is perhaps unsurprising in the wake of COVID-19, however, the knock-on effect to the businesses owed is potentially ruinous.

But there is no need for businesses to wait any longer for payment. If you have invoices overdue, Direct Collection Bailiffs Ltd can help you collect the money owed to you now.

The harmful effects of unpaid invoices – Businesses Owed Unpaid Invoices

When your invoices don’t get paid, the effect on your business can be devastating. Over time a build-up of unpaid invoices can cause debts of your own to pile up.

On top of this, chasing dawdling debtors is a burden on your day-to-day business and in most cases, the same question from the same source will only get the same response.

Some businesses get so frustrated that they will simply write off these elusive invoices and move on.

Debt Recovery Services from DCBL

A much better alternative is to call in the experts. At DCBL, we specialise in tracking down debts for businesses like yours, who are being given every excuse under the sun by debtors for non-payment of invoices due.

We’ve heard all these excuses before. Our priority is getting you back the money you are rightly owed as soon as possible, with minimal fuss for you.

We don’t just send a few letters; we believe person-to-person contact is the best way to get results in debt collection. Our professional and ethical approach protects your reputation and the relationship with the debtor, should you wish to maintain one.

What’s more, debtors take us very seriously. Our involvement in the hit TV show “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away” provides unique transparency into how we work and is part of the reason we have the highest collection rates in the industry.

Don’t wait any longer to collect your unpaid invoices. Call us on 0203 298 0201 or fill in our form for a free quote.


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