How much does it cost for the High court writ?

The costs for the High court writ is £66.00, this cost is, however, recoverable as its added to the Judgment debt.


When do I get my money?

Upon collection the funds are placed in a holding account for 14 days and then paid to you on the next working day.

What’s the difference between Pre-Court and High Court Enforcement?

High Court Enforcement is when a CCJ has been issued and this can be upgraded to a High Court Writ

What is your success rate?

We are very successful at what we do, due to the pre-verification checks carried out & our agents’ tenacious approach we have a 25% higher collection rate than our competitors.

Can it be on TV?

Dependant on the filming schedule

How long does it take?

Up to 21 days from instruction to attendance.

How soon can the agents attend?

The agents will attend within 1 week of the expiry of the Notice of Enforcement.

What % do you take from monies recovered?

The percentage differs depending on the balance and deal agreed.

What happens if they put in an application to set the Judgment a side?

Placed into legal dept pending result depending on application. Once dismissed enforcement can then resume.

What are the main differences between the county court bailiffs and High court enforcement?

High Court                                                                             County Court

6am – 9pm                                                                                    10am – 2pm

Paid on results                                                                             Salary Based

Details and Regular Reports                                                 No updates given.

Any known address                                                         Only visit address on the CCJ

How long does a writ last?

The writ lasts for 12 months from the date of the Notice of Enforcement is served, if a payment arrangement is entered into be the debtor and then they break it, the writ will be valid for a further 12 months from that point. It can be renewed if required.

What is the compliance fee?

On the 6th April 2014, the abortive fee was replaced by the compliance fee. It is £75 a plus VAT charge payable by the Judgment creditor where enforcement is unsuccesful. It is triggered by serving the Notice of Enforcement.

How do i enforce a Judgement?

As long as your Judgment is for £600 or above, you can transfer it to the High Court for enforcement by DCBL – Please view our ‘instruct us’ page.