Councils Can Now Close Businesses That Aren’t COVID-Secure

24th November 2020

Councils have been given the authority to hand out fines or even force businesses to close if they have not taken measures to protect staff and visitors from COVID-19, it has been reported.

PuriFog - COVID-19 protection

As well as a maximum fine of £4,000, businesses who cannot demonstrate to their local authority that they are making their premises COVID-secure risk being shut down for up to seven days in order to rectify the breach.

The steep ramifications will be imposed in instances where an improvement or restriction notice has been issued but not adequately acted upon. In most cases, businesses will be given 48 hours to make improvements, before risking fines and closures.

Ensure your business is COVID-secure

For the sake of your staff and visitors, keep your premises clear of coronavirus and other bugs with regular treatments of Direct’s antiviral fogging solution.

Direct can treat your premises with a specially formulated dry fog that quickly disinfects surfaces, cleans the air and kills COVID-19 to World Health Organization guidelines. It leaves an invisible layer of disinfectant on every conceivable surface that lasts for 4-10 days, giving peace of mind to everyone visiting your business.

Once treatment is completed, our technicians will provide a certificate as evidence for inspectors and local authority enforcement officers.

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