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The Best Debt Recovery Agency in 2023

The Best Debt Recovery Agency in 2023 – DCBL

Do you have remaining unpaid invoices from 2022 and are looking at the best debt recovery agency for 2023? Look no further than the debt recovery specialists at DCBL.

When a business struggles with invoices not getting paid on a regular basis, a successful solution is needed to avoid the build-up of stress this can cause.

Business debt collection is a common practice that many UK-based businesses need every year as a result of late payments.

If you are looking for a solution, continue reading why you should choose DCBL for 2023 debt recovery.

The Best Debt Recovery Agency – Contents

Using a Debt Recovery Agency in 2023

A new year brings business owners and their businesses many new opportunities and challenges to face. What better way to start the year fresh than to tackle any unpaid invoices that are still outstanding?

Large, medium and small businesses alike will all suffer from unpaid debts from time to time and sadly, around 50,000 UK businesses are pushed into insolvency each year as a direct result of late invoice payments. 

Self-employed individuals have to complete tax returns at the start of the year which will highlight any invoices left unpaid.

If you fall into the category of being self-employed and not been paid, you will no doubt need help with finding the solution to recovering your outstanding debts.

Managing money and optimising credit control at the start of a new year allows businesses to focus on the road ahead, rather than dwelling on the previous year’s financial troubles.

Having a procedure in place when someone owes you money and invoices go unpaid is an excellent way to reduce the harm this can do to your cash flow.

Whilst the year has changed, the excuses of why clients cannot pay for the services you have provided will not. This is the year that excuses should be ignored and action should be taken.

At the end of the day, you are rightfully owed the money and if you are left unpaid this will negatively impact your business’s cash to recover money owed to me call to action

Choosing a Debt Recovery Solution

There are factors that come with choosing the best debt recovery agency in 2023 including reliability, collection rates, commission rates and how smooth the recovery process is.

Cowboy firms will promise the world and say they can recover your debts quicker than anyone else when in reality this is far from the truth.

Like with any decision, it helps to do some research before you make the choice, and this will help you eliminate these types of firms. A quick review of their testimonials will slowly make you realise whether they are to be trusted or not.

However, the ultimate answer to “what is the best debt recovery agency in 2023” is DCBL, and there are many reasons for this. 

From initial phone calls/contact to successful recovery, we take control of the whole process to ensure your money is recovered quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose DCBL as Your Debt Recovery Solution?

DCBL has been recovering and enforcing debts for over 20 years, and collects tens of millions of pounds a year on behalf of businesses across the world.

We are the biggest UK parking collection firm and the top choice for high-volume correspondence-driven recovery, due to our 25% higher success rate.

To properly provide the best debt collection services to our clients, we provide a one-solution simple resolution.

When you come to us with an unpaid debt and we have looked into all relevant documents, we will commence the recovery process.

Our group’s structure allows us to deliver a complete, uninterrupted debt recovery process, beginning with the first reminder letter and culminating in agent enforcement.t.

If the enforcement needs to be escalated, we work in conjunction with our sister company DCB Legal (an SRA-regulated law firm) which specialises in debt recovery litigation. 

The point of our services is to allow you to focus on the important things (such as growing your business) whilst we work tirelessly in the background to recover what you are owed.

Regardless of who owes you money, DCBL is the best debt recovery agency to use in 2023.

DCBL Debt Collection Agency Near Me

A common misconception about using a debt recovery agency is that they have to be in the same location as where the debt is owed – this is not the case!

Whilst there are many debt collectors and collection agencies in the UK that may be able to help you out locally, DCBL offers a nationwide service meaning we can assist wherever you are based.

Our nationwide debt recovery services are covered by our five strategically placed offices in Runcorn, Birmingham, Scotland, Wales and London.

Instruct the best debt recovery agency in the UK today and get in contact with our specialists.

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