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Tenant Eviction delays

HMCTS Tenant Eviction Delay – How DCBL Can Help

London’s bustling real estate market has long been a hub for property owners, investors, and landlords. However, a pressing issue is now plaguing many landlords: delayed evictions/residential possession.

HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has laid out plans to delay evictions due to unspecified health and safety reasons.

The safety concerns emerge due to the requirement for bailiffs to have additional personnel accompanying them when they visit properties in order to guarantee their safety. Unfortunately, this stipulation appears to have caused the system to come to a halt.

The news regarding tenant eviction delay has, understandably, created a level of frustration for many landlords.

Cancelling all scheduled evictions for the foreseeable has had an immediate and significant impact on landlords looking for eviction services.

The news article reported that one bailiff had an 80% decrease in workload, posing a very large threat to landlords needing to evict problematic tenants. 

If you are a landlord that has been affected by this news, DCBL can assist you with a solution that will save you from waiting to reclaim possession of your property.

Eviction Delay – What Does The News Mean for Landlords?

The legal process of removing tenants can be lengthy and arduous, resulting in significant financial burdens and stress for landlords.

The above, mixed with the eviction delay news, is sure to put a lot of property owners in difficult scenarios.

Not only does this mean that they now have to look for another supplier to undertake the eviction but may have to wait an unknown amount of time for anything to happen.

Some landlords may have already been waiting months to undertake the tenant eviction process, only now to be told it will be cancelled.

DCBL is one of the country’s largest High Court Enforcement companies and has established a dedicated team.  We deal specifically with evictions throughout England and Wales.

By acknowledging that delays in the process usually significantly impact landlords, we are committed to providing you with an ethical yet effective solution. We will work diligently to expedite the process from the moment you instruct us.

Using DCBL for Residential Possession

Understanding landlords’ struggles, we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive residential possession solution that speeds up eviction.

Our dedicated team provides regular updates to landlords, keeping them informed about the progress of their eviction cases. This transparency helps alleviate concerns and allows landlords to plan accordingly.

Key Information for Property Owners:

  • DCBL will obtain the High Court Writ of Possession on your behalf.
  • The eviction will be fully managed in-house and relevant notices will be served.
  • With DCBL, you can expect a swift and seamless resolution.

Our service is available for a standard fixed fee of £790.00 + VAT and a standalone court fee of £78.00 + VAT with no hidden costs – providing you with a cost-effective solution.

By instructing DCBL today, you can promptly mitigate further losses and regain control of your property.

From initial consultations to post-eviction assistance, we are committed to providing landlords with a seamless experience.

To get started, call us on 0800 860 6780 or read our article for more information on tenant eviction.


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