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Meet The Team: Paul Butlin

Tell us about yourself…

I was a professional heavyweight boxer for 14 years before joining the High Court Enforcement industry. This involved fighting the best in the division across Europe, including Anthony Joshua, Derek Chisora and Jonathan Banks, and I also fought in the first prizefighter from my 41 fights. I even won the Midlands Heavyweight title!

Outside of work, my hobbies are mainly going to the gym and spending time with my kids.

What inspired you to become a High Court Enforcement Agent?

After boxing, I felt lost and wanted more out of life. I actually noticed an ad on Indeed to become an Enforcement Agent: I’d watched “Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!” and I felt this could be a great role for me. I applied and started enforcing Magistrate Warrants, but again, I wanted to work in the High Court. I applied to join DCBL as I recognised the brand and knew they were the industry leaders in High Court Enforcement.

DCBL CEO Gary Robinson with High Court Enforcement Agent Paul Butlin

What does the day-to-day role entail?

The day starts early as we hit our first door at 6 am. We execute High Courts Writs for companies and individuals who have money owed to them and always try to get the best outcome we can for the clients.

Working for DCBL brings a lot of benefits to this role: the back-office team always supplies the correct information and any additional support we need for each case, and all case details are carefully checked before we start. Both the back-office and us Enforcement Agents work compliantly, and the procedures in place are simple and effective at ensuring we’re acting lawfully.

What do you feel is different about DCBL compared to other High Court Enforcement companies?

The results we get for our clients, compared to other companies, are far greater and quicker. We have some of the highest success rates in the industry and it makes it all worthwhile knowing our clients are satisfied.

The support throughout the office is also second-to-none! The structure and systems in place are the best, and DCBL also makes sure to invest in them to make our jobs as simple as possible.

We’re looked after by DCBL, I’m pretty sure we’re the highest-paid Enforcement Agents in the field, and we have uncapped earning potential which is a huge benefit.

What advice would you give someone looking to join the industry?

My best advice is to be yourself and treat everybody the same. Being open-minded and friendly is important as every situation is different and the circumstances are often stressful for the people we visit. Whilst we want to get the best results for the clients, we also don’t want to cause further distress.

I’d recommend either talking to someone that’s already in the industry or checking out Indeed or LinkedIn as there are always jobs available in this field. It’s also good to get insight into the role to make sure you’re the right fit. DCBL is one of the few enforcement companies that will actually put people through the Enforcement Agent program.

If you could give any advice to your younger self, what would you say?

Keep doing what you are doing!

Do you want to join our specialist team?

We have numerous vacancies open at both DCBL and DCB Legal, as well as opportunities for the right people to join our Enforcement team. If you want to become a DCBL High Court Enforcement Agent, send your CV to and we’ll be in touch!

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