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Dental Debt Collection

Dental Debt Collection – Unpaid Dental Fees

Are you a dentist requiring dental debt collection for fees that a patient fails to pay after treatment?

DCBL has produced this help to assist the many dentists and dental practices in the UK that suffer from this.

We provide the one debt recovery solution for all business sectors, including those in the healthcare sector such as dentists and doctors.

Dental Debt Collection – Contents forecasts highlight that like many other businesses across the UK, dental practices are struggling with dental patients that are failing to pay for treatments.

Fortunately, as dental debt collection becomes more transparent across the sector, DBCL is on hand as an award-winning debt collection expert who can help support you in improving your debt recovery rates.

DCBL understands both the short and long-term financial difficulties that unpaid dental fees can have on your company.

Unfortunately, disrupted cash flow can have catastrophic consequences for practices.

It is not sustainable for your dental practice to be operating by bringing in more cash than it is spending, eventually, you will exhaust all your cash reserves and inevitably your business will no longer be able to operate, demonstrating the need for an effective dental debt collection agency. 

Dental Debt Collection

Top 5 Tips To Help Avoid Unpaid Dental Fees

1. Discuss Payments Upfront

It is in the best interest of both dentist and patient to discuss all routes of dental treatment, pros and cons, and payments during the first consultation.  

This mitigates the chances of any discrepancies, and conversations regarding payments can be clearly set out i.e. if the client is paying in full, in part payment, or in a finance-based agreement.

In exceptional circumstances, however, additional costs could be added if unplanned dental procedures must be carried out. 

2. Make Sure the Patient Is Aware of Their Obligations

If your patient is unable to pay the costs for treatment upfront, it is important for both the customer and dentist transparency regarding future payments.

This is also a chance for patients to ask any questions regarding payments. 

3. Ensure Payment Plan Documents Are Signed

Once agreed, all documents discussing payment should be written out as clearly as possible and signed by both parties.

Signed paperwork ties the patient into a formal contract and decreases the need for a debt collection service.

If the need for debt agencies still arises, the signed documents will weigh heavy in any court actions.

4. Send Out Payment Reminders

If a customer has missed a payment chase it with emails, letters, and phone calls.

Reaching out can provide answers to why the payment has been missed and alternative solutions can be made if the debtor is struggling to pay.

5. Have Alternative Payment Methods

It is in the best interest of the dental practice to hire reception staff with expert knowledge.

This creates ease for the customer, as providing alternative payment methods such as credit can mitigate the need for debt collection agencies. 

Debt Collection for Dentists And Dental Practices

If you have exhausted all methods of contacting non-paying patients, it is now time to contact a professional debt collection agent.

DCBL provide the one solution for those needing debt collectors to recover unpaid dental fees.

For over 20 years, our dental debt recovery service has quickly become the number-one choice for dental practices across the country.

If your patient is refusing to pay for treatment, DCBL is the best option to successfully recover it.

No dental practice should be suffering from unpaid patient fees, contact DCBL today.

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