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Commercial Debt Collection | Expert Advice for Businesses

Looking for a commercial debt collection agency that can recover a late payment by a business? What about business debt recovery (debt collection for businesses)? Look no further than the ethical and effective industry specialists at DCBL!

For over 20 years, DCBL has recovered tens of millions of pounds of unpaid business debts for businesses across the UK. Our longevity and experience within the industry have made us a staple as the leading debt recovery agency across the country.

Continue reading this helpful guide to discover why using a commercial debt collection agency such as DCBL is the best option.

Why Might You Need Business Debt Recovery?

Commercial debts arise when a business fails to pay for goods or services to another business. Sadly, these have become a common addition to many business owners’ daily to-do lists to tackle.

While credit control teams will have a procedure for when unpaid invoices become regular, this sometimes gets ignored.

Has your business been hit with unpaid goods or services affecting your cash flow? Getting a commercial debtor to pay may seem difficult, especially when balancing this with the general running of the business.

Commonly, business owners attempt the collection process alone, however, this can take a long time and can be unsuccessful. After all, if a debtor has chosen not to pay, why would they pay just by asking?

Many businesses will look to get, and then enforce, a county court judgment upon the individual or business that owes them money.

Most businesses should include some form of payment terms when agreeing to work with a new client. This is one reason why overdue invoices are so disappointing, considering they have signed terms to say they will pay.

No business should have to waste its time making phone calls if they have have an outstanding debt that needs paying. This time should be used to conduct tasks that will benefit and continue to grow the organisation.

How Effective is Debt Recovery for Businesses?

Debt recovery costs related to the collection process of unpaid invoices are relatively straightforward. Most debt collectors will be transparent about these from the start.

In an ideal world, you would get paid on time and wouldn’t need to use a business to business debt recovery agency. It is a positive fact that multiple debt recovery agencies are available to chase late payments, affording a cost effective debt resolution solution.

Recovering debts through a professional agency is known to be the best method if you are struggling with the payment of commercial debts. Debt recovery specialists will ensure that any communication up until the debtor pays is professional and won’t damage the relationship between both companies.

If you need help with late payment of commercial debts, continue reading for our best option for business to business debt recovery.

Commercial Debt Recovery

Choosing DCBL – Debt Collection for Businesses

The best way to undertake commercial debt collection is to procure the debt collection services of DCBL.

With this in mind, which is the best debt recovery service to get money back from troublesome debtors?

Knowing there are many different ways to undertake the commercial debt recovery process should bring you peace of mind.

When someone owes you money, you need to ensure that the debt collection agency you choose is effective. Too many businesses get caught out by cowboy firms charging inflated debt recovery costs with no chance of success.

DCBL is dedicated to providing all businesses with an ethical and effective commercial debt recovery service. Our 98% client retention rate speaks for itself; businesses we work with choose us every time over other debt collectors.

The “One Solution, Debt recovery made simple” service we offer ensures businesses do not have to look elsewhere.

We understand that some commercial debt recovery cases must be escalated to legal proceedings. Should this be the case for your debt, this is where our sister-company DCB Legal comes in!

If you need a dedicated commercial debt recovery agency that can successfully collect your debts, speak to our agents today. When you provide another business with goods or services, you expect to be paid for this.

The debt collection process at DCBL couldn’t be easier, and you can find the full steps of the process here.

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