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Britannia Parking Client Testimonial

13th June 2024

Britannia Parking – Client Testimonial

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DCBL and Britannia Parking have developed a close, long-lasting working relationship over the last few years. Over the last two decades, we have always achieved high levels of debt resolution. … Continued

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What to Do if A Customer Refuses to Pay

16th May 2024

What to Do if a Customer Refuses to Pay – Debt Recovery Advice


Have you recently provided goods or services and are wondering what to do if a customer refuses to pay? When a customer doesn’t pay for works that have been completed, … Continued

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Debt Collection for Recruitment Agencies, Unpaid Recruitment Invoices

26th March 2024

Debt Collection for Recruitment Agencies – 5 Expert Tips

Debt RecoveryIndustry SectorsNews

Looking for advice on how to navigate debt collection for recruitment agencies? DCBL has been recovering unpaid recruitment invoices for the recruitment sector for over 20 years. With more than … Continued

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How to Collect Unpaid Rent

28th December 2023

How to Collect Unpaid Rent in The UK – Residential Possession

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Are you suffering from tenants not paying their rent on time? Knowing how to collect unpaid rent arrears should be at the top of your list of priorities. Renting out residential … Continued

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DCBL Sponsor Widnes Vikings

13th December 2023

DCBL Proudly Sponsors Widnes Vikings For 2024/25 Season

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DCBL are extremely proud to announce a multi-year deal as principal kit sponsor for the Widnes Vikings Rugby League team. The deal will see the DCBL brand feature on the … Continued

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High Court Bailiff

18th October 2023

High Court Bailiff – Why Should You Instruct DCBL?

High Court EnforcementNews

A High Court Bailiff, also known as a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO), is a legal officer who is authorised to enforce judgments and orders issued by the High Court. … Continued

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Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery Expert Guide

12th October 2023

Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) – #1 Expert Guide

High Court EnforcementNews

Are you a commercial landlord with a history of tenants not paying rent on time? Sounds like you need Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)! In recent years, it has become more popular … Continued

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Forfeiture of Commercial Lease

11th October 2023

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease – Guide for Landlords

High Court EnforcementNews

Forfeiture of Commercial Lease (or Commercial Lease Forfeiture) is a process in the UK that allows landlords to end a lease when tenants break the lease rules. Common reasons for this include not paying … Continued

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How to Enforce a CCJ

10th October 2023

How to Enforce a CCJ in the UK: High Court Enforcement Guide

High Court EnforcementNews

Are you seeking advice on how to enforce a CCJ through a High Court Enforcement specialist? DCBL can help with enforcing a County Court Judgment. In the United Kingdom, obtaining … Continued

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Debt Recovery Solicitors vs Debt Collection Agency

15th September 2023

Debt Recovery Solicitors or Debt Collection Agency?


Should you use debt recovery solicitors or a debt collection agency when looking to recover money owed to you? This may be a question that you have found yourself asking after … Continued

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