Keyholding & Alarm Response – Food for thought

02nd April 2019

By Andy Thompson, Business Development Manager, Direct Security Solutions

Current and accurate statistics for burglary, theft and damage against commercial premises are notoriously difficult to acquire. These crimes are still occurring at an unacceptably high rate and when they do, they cause significant distress and inconvenience to business owners.

The reduction in police numbers along with changes in their priorities and increasing demands for their help, means businesses cannot rely on the police to either prevent crime through their physical presence or respond quickly enough when a crime is being committed. There is anecdotal evidence available to suggest that the risk of property crime against commercial premises has increased.

Businesses understand that they have to try and ‘fill the void’ left by the police, indeed the police themselves acknowledge they cannot always provide the service they once did and actively encourage businesses to consider different solutions in order to protect their property.  As former police officer myself, I empathise with the frustration felt by officers who cannot always provide the service they know the public deserve.

Intruder alarms are a tried and tested means to protect buildings. Thankfully, there are very few businesses these days who do not have an alarm system in place. The age, type and specification of the system differs from business to business but so long as they work and illicit a response, then that is fine.

But who responds and how when the alarm activates? Well, it depends.

Some businesses, especially the smaller ones such as corner shops, rely on a nominated keyholder, usually a member of staff, to turn out. Other businesses, usually the medium or larger sized ones such as factories or warehouses, use a professional security company to attend.

The decision of who to use and why is quite rightly up to the business owner.  Factors such as the safety of staff, convenience, travel distance and financial cost all play a part.

It is our opinion as a fully accredited and professional security company, that ‘we’ should attend; by ‘we’ I mean a security company who specialises in keyholding and alarm response services.  It may not necessarily be us, but it goes without saying, we would welcome your custom!

“Why choose a security company and pay all that money? Why not do it ourselves? The alarm hardly ever goes off anyway”

If business owners are reading this and thinking this statement resonates with them, then you are not alone so do not worry!

As employers ourselves, we recognise the legal and moral responsibilities of providing a duty of care to all of our staff, who every night of the week enter buildings responding to alarm activations not knowing what may confront them.

For a second, try and put yourselves in the shoes of the work colleague making their way to an alarm activation in the middle of the night. You may have done this yourself and understand the nervousness and anxiety you felt as you approached the building in the middle of the night with no-one around.  Food for thought.

By engaging a fully licensed, accredited and professional security company such as Direct Security Solutions, we can take all the worry away. Leave us to respond to your alarm. Why should you or your friends and colleagues take the risk?

Based at our state-of-the-art head office in Daresbury near Runcorn, Cheshire, we are within easy reach of thousands of businesses covering north, west and mid-Cheshire, Liverpool, Warrington, St Helens, Chester, Wirral and Manchester and all points in between. We are proud of our Cheshire and north-west roots and make no apologies for encouraging other businesses in the area to ‘think local’ when choosing a security provider.

As well as using a local supplier who knows the area well, our clients can also be reassured that by using a smaller business and not a larger, national provider, we can afford them the one to one support they deserve.

All of our keyholding and alarm response assignments are subject to an initial full site survey and risk assessment carried out by our ex-police and professionally security qualified managers.

Our rates are very reasonable – we think you would be surprised just how reasonable they are.

If you would like to know more about our keyholding or alarm response services visit: Keyholding & Alarm Response or use the ‘Contact Form’ on our website.