Direct Security provide mobile security for M Igoe ltd

12th June 2018

Direct Security received a call from M Igoe, close to Witton Albion F.C, concerned that a group of travellers had settled around the corner and with the football grounds nearby wanted reassurance that their business premises were safe and secure. Manned Guarding can be costly, so the perfect solution was Mobile Security.

Mobile Security is an effective deterrent

Although some property related crime is of the ‘opportunistic’ variety, much is planned in advance. Either way having highly visible, random visits to your property deters many ‘would be’ wrongdoers from targeting your property in the first place. The ‘unpredictable’ nature of our Mobile Patrol Visits ensures you do not become a statistic of ‘planned’ crime.

Effective Signage

Displaying our security signage, along with Mobile Security at random times throughout the night means that everyone in the area knows your building and premises are secure and safeguarded.