Antiviral Fog Treatment – Eliminate COVID-19

Keep staff and customers safe with our disinfectant fog that completely kills all trace of COVID-19 in any indoor space every time.

COVID-19 Killing Fog Treatment

Antiviral fog treatment from Direct Security quickly disinfects surfaces, cleans the air and kills COVID-19 in any indoor space.

The most effective protection against COVID-19

Direct Security’s antiviral fog service, delivered by trained technicians, fills any enclosed space with a cloud of micron-sized particles that kills all trace of COVID-19 faster and more effectively than any other solution on the market including pump sprayers or handheld fogging devices. Our fog treatment is up to 1,700 times more effective than normal sanitisers.

Not all cleaning products are recommended for use against COVID-19. Our antiviral fog treatment contains 0.1% Sodium Hypochlorite, following the latest World Health Organization guidelines for killing COVID-19.

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Long lasting COVID-19 defence with no mess

The dense fog completely fills the air, creating an invisible disinfectant layer on every surface, continually killing COVID-19 on contact. From light switches and keyboard keys to worktops and furniture, nothing is missed by Direct Security’s antiviral fog treatment.

Safe on electronics, furniture and paper, our disinfectant fog leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance and is ideal for sanitising any professional or domestic environment, including offices, transport vehicles, schools, warehouses, retail outlets and more.

Disinfectant fog treatments delivered by trained technicians

Because our antiviral fog contains active ingredients managed by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations, a specially trained technician will administer the appropriate dosage based on your requirements. As premises must be clear of all personnel while the antiviral fog is administered and for two hours afterwards, we usually attend outside of your working hours. Our technicians use PPE throughout the process and are all DBS checked to work in any environment.

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Keep Your Business Open and Safe

It has recently been reported that councils have been given the authority to hand out fines or even force businesses to close if they have not taken measures to protect staff and visitors from COVID-19.

Direct Security’s antiviral fog treatment gives assurance that business premises are COVID-secure and that employees can return safely to work. After each treatment you will receive a certificate as evidence of the measures taken.

Rapid response to confirmed COVID-19 cases

Direct Security’s antiviral fog treatment can be called upon at short notice to rapidly remove all trace of the COVID-19 virus from any indoor space with no preparation and no need to move furniture around, giving peace of mind to all staff before returning to work.

Pricing and bookings

Pricing is based on the size of the area that requires treatment and we can offer discounts based on long term service contracts, so please contact us for a tailored quote.

Free Site Visit

For large commercial buildings and office spaces, please contact us for free site survey and individual quotations. We are available 24/7 across the North West.

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Does Direct Security’s antiviral fog really kill COVID-19?

Our antiviral fog treatment contains 0.1% Sodium Hypochlorite, which is prescribed by World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines as suitable for sanitising areas against COVID-19 specifically. It also kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Does the antiviral fog leave a smell or visible residue?

While the fog is present there is a slight citrus scent, however, this will be gone once the fog disperses (2-3 hours from deployment). The disinfectant residue it leaves behind is micro-thin and invisible to the naked eye.

Is the fog safe for electronic devices, furniture, and paperwork? Do we need to put anything away or switch anything off?

Our technicians disperse a dry fog that is totally safe on electronics and leaves no marks or stains on furniture or paper. There is no need to prepare the space apart from removing any open food items that may be present.

Will the micro-layer leave a mess or discolour any surfaces?

No, the disinfectant fog will not discolour surfaces or materials and leaves no visible residue.

Why is this antiviral fog treatment more effective than sprays?

Our antiviral fog treatment is 1,700 times more effective than standard disinfectant sprays. The fog particles measure 0.001mm, as opposed to the 1mm of a standard disinfectant spray. This means the fog rises to fill the air and attaches to air particles, viruses, and bacteria. It finds its way into every crack and crevice, including computer keyboard keys, walls, light switches, and everything else you might not even think about in a room. You get complete coverage every time.

When can you deploy antiviral fog?

Because of the requirement for the area to be clear of people and animals, we typically deploy an antiviral fog treatment in the evening outside of office hours. We can also deploy during office hours if the building is clear. This often coincidences with the mobile patrols and keyholding services Direct Security Solutions provides to our clients already.

How long does it take for the fog to distribute around a room?

Each blast of fog takes 25 seconds to deploy, however we can move the machine while it is actively distributing fog to cover more areas and can apply subsequent blasts if needed. The fog will take between 2-3 hours to fully disperse, after which we will ensure the area is safe to re-enter.

Can Direct Security’s antiviral fog treatment be used across the whole building, on multiple floors?

Yes, we may need to do several blasts of fog depending on the size of the premises that require treatment, but this can be facilitated.

Will the fog set off our fire alarm?

The fire alarm (if monitored) will need to be taken off watch before we deploy the antiviral fog – as a Facilities Management and Security business we will liaise with your building management and are able to facilitate this process with you as part of the service. The fire system will be reset and restored before we leave site.

Can anyone be in the room whilst disinfectant fog is being deployed?

During treatment, no people or animals can be present, as the cleaning chemicals used can be harmful whilst in the air. Our operative wear full PPE to protect themselves. After the fog has been deployed, it will take around 2-3 hours to disperse, after which it is safe to re-enter, when advised by our trained staff.

How is antiviral fog treatment priced?

Treatments are priced based on the size of the premises it is to be deployed in. This is because depending on the total area, we may need to distribute more fog to adequately cover all areas. Please get in touch for a quote based on your specific requirements.

Is Direct Security’s antiviral fog treatment safe for hospitals and healthcare environments?

Yes, it is totally safe in any environment if the area is clear of people and animals whilst it is deployed. Once the fog has dispersed after 2-3 hours.

We have had a positive case of COVID-19 on our premises, how quickly can antiviral fog sanitise the area?

We offer a rapid response service that can be quickly deployed to disinfect the area and kill any trace of COVID-19 in the air and on all surfaces. You don’t need to prepare the premises aside from clearing the area of people and animals and allowing us to de-activate and then reset your fire alarm once treatment has been completed. If you have had a positive case of COVID-19, please contact us or call 0870 027 4589 as soon as possible so we can secure your booking.

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