What can you do to remove travellers from your Land or Premises?

31st May 2018

Throughout the summer months, the likelihood of Travellers arriving and parking up on your land greatly increases. If travellers decide to take up residence on your premises what can be done about moving them on?

Common Law

The main advantage of the Common Law process is the speed in which the removal can take place without the need for lengthy Court proceedings. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of further travellers congregating, damage to land and fly tipping – creating additional costs to the landowner when the site is eventually cleared.

Upon receipt of your instruction, DCBL will generate and serve the required Legal Notice to the individuals on site (normally on the same day) which gives them 24 hours to vacate. Our Agents have a great deal of experience in dealing with Travellers, and as a result on most occasions the site will be cleared within the prescribed time.

Court Order

The alternative method for Landlords to remove travellers is to attain a County Court Possession Order and transfer it to the High Court under a writ of possession against ‘Persons unknown’. Once the writ has been granted it can then be enforced by our High Court Enforcement Agents.

This method can be more beneficial should there be a large number of travellers or there is a greater likelihood that there may be a breach of the peace where police assistance may be required.


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