Testimonial- Robert Bell

16th January 2018

We would like to take the oppurtunity of thanking the Enforcement Officers and particularly Jennie Murphy the allocation Manager who have all worked tirelessly in doing what must be a very risky and time consuming job, in order that we, the general public may in the end get back monies that we have been conned out of, thus making these people very rich men and women.

This is our story, almost one year to the day we were conned by a family hiding behind a company in order to obtain money. We gave £5000 as a holding deposit on a lodge in the Lincolnshire area within weeks we discovered that things were not what they seemed so we asked for our deposit to be returned, easier said than done, this family knew all the tricks of the trade in how to con people.

From a court hearing which we won because the defendant didn’t turn up and thinking that was it. How wrong we were we tried everything, but in the end our life savers were DCBL Enforcement Officers, yes you know the ones on Channel 5 (Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!) just in case you didn’t know these are real people who work tirelessly to get back your hand earned cash.

Yes it is January and have had confirmation that all the money has been paid back, it took another Court hearing set up with more lies by the defendant himself, thanks to DCBL backup and proof of his lies WE DID GET THERE IN THE END.

Robert Bell.