Don’t let your business fall into a cash flow nightmare…

09th July 2018

Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away!

The biggest cause of cash flow problems for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is unpaid invoices. The average SME in the UK is owed more than £108,000 in unpaid invoices, this leaves many struggling to find working capital.

One of our recent successful collections was for a small business (SME) owner who was owed £4,901.73 after supplying building materials and not receiving payment. This left their business in a cash flow nightmare and non-payment meant they were struggling to pay their overheads.

After successfully obtaining a CCJ against the defendant, they instructed us via our online form and paid the £66 court fee enabling us to transfer the Judgment to a High Court Writ for recovery by our expert High Court Enforcement Agents (as seen on Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away!). Upon Enforcement we were able to collect the outstanding balance in full, recovering what the small business owner was rightfully owed. The whole process from the minute he contacted us to securing his money took a matter of weeks.

We offer both High Court Enforcement services and also Pre-Court Debt Recovery, helping business and individuals to recover what is rightfully theirs. Don’t wait to recover your outstanding debt, contact us today.

Are you owed money? If you have a CCJ over £600 or any other debt contact us for a free consultation.