DCBL Operations update

20th May 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a worldwide economic crisis without precedents in recent history impacting businesses in all industries, forcing them to adapt and overcome many difficult challenges.

DCBL has been working hard during these unprecedented and challenging times to ensure we are taking all steps necessary to remain ethical, compliant and proportionate in our enforcement while operating in the best interest of our staff and our clients. During the weeks building up to the UK lockdown, we implemented vital contingency plans across the company that enabled us to provide the best possible service to all of our clients in accordance with our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditations while working remotely.

Suspension of enforcement

After the Prime Ministers statement on the 23rd March and in advance of the CIVEA announcement, we decided to immediately stop all on-street enforcement. As a company, we feel this was both the ethical and moral right decision to help combat further spread of the virus and to protect our field agents, the general public as well as our client’s reputation. Unfortunately, not all agencies felt it necessary to do the same, instead, attempting to continue to carry out enforcement visits, putting their agents and the public in potential danger.

The Government soon became aware of this and introduced the secondary legislation to resolve high court enforcement matters in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and prevent further on-street enforcement until restrictions have been lifted. In circumstances such as these DCBL believe the safety of our team and the public must come first, a view all our clients and our internal/external team support.

While our enforcement agents have been unable to carry out their usual role, many have taken it upon themselves to volunteer for the NHS to assist in any way possible. In addition to this, we made all fleet vehicles available to enable our agents to assist with logistical support in moving goods and services to residents, including food deliveries to local hospitals as well as delivering goods and medical equipment. We couldn’t be prouder of their efforts.

Direct Security, key workers during the pandemic

DCBL is not the only part of Direct Group doing their bit to help; our sister company DFMS (trading as Direct Security) continue to provide vital services to businesses and premises across the country.

As key workers during the pandemic, their service is as important as ever with staff on the frontline going above and beyond to provide valued clients with the best service possible during these uncertain times. In addition to providing their standard services: Alarm response, keyholding, manned guarding and mobile patrols, Direct Security responded to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak by providing clients with vital social distancing management for their warehouse and retail premises to ensure all workers can continue working safely whilst adhering to safe working practices.

Post Covid-19 Safety Protocol

DCBL take the safety of our agents, our internal team, and the general public very seriously as demonstrated by the issue of PPE to our agent’s weeks before the lockdown measures were introduced and with the immediate suspension of doorstep visits following the Prime Ministers statement.

We have recently implemented phase one of our Incident response plan at our head office, which continues to be reviewed daily. Key processes have been implemented business-wide to ensure we are operating in line with government and authority guidance; this includes PPE, social distancing, Personal protection facilities cleaning, and sanitising and reviewed contractor/ visitor engagement.

Our evolving strategy to recommence personal visits and return the business to its optimal operating level will incorporate all advice from the Government, industry bodies and our Health and Safety team, however, our key driver to ensure we deliver an ethical, compliant and proportionate operating strategy is the safety of our team members as well as the general public. We will provide further updates as we develop our Post Covid-19 Safety Protocol.